Thursday, June 24, 2010

New vs Old. Right or wrong?

Information and discussion starter number two for those back home watching this and thinking about the HSC. A visit to the large theatre in Pompeii drew a gasp from this archaeologist and a number of others with me. The question is asked; is it right to restore an ancient structure to the point of it no longer retaining its ancient characteristics? When does restoration become reconstruction so that modern use becomes more important than the information that can be garnered from the ancient structure?

The ancient theatre has now been restored to the point of being able to be used for modern concerts and such, making Pompeii more accessible and attractive to the tourists, and I guess more usable for the locals.

But is it right?

Two articles of law governing restoration of ancient structures in the city seem to have been ignored. What do you think?

Have a look at the new images below and compare them to photos you may find of the structure pre restoration (2010).

What is this?

Hi guys,

hope my students are awake and ready to do a little research. Today while working in one of the houses I came across an interesting object. I'll post a pic and describe it. It was an oval like stone object with evidence of two bronze handles. What could this be? If you have an idea or can locate some information please post it in the comments. It is a rather unique household object that I haven't come across before (doesn't mean it wasn't common).

Have fun looking.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We're Here: Pompeii Food and Drink field season begins

Hello all, e set up to view the blog for their HSC revision.
Well we are here and have officially started our work this season, all be it just the pre scavi team meetings.
This years work will be done under interesting conditions, with no less than 3 Superintendants since last season and a fourth on the way. Added to this was news in the last couple of weeks that the state of emergency that has existed with regards to Pompeii has been lifted. What all this means is anyones guess, however, I tend to think conspiracy theories and see a new era approaching the scavi, full of new tourist $$ on the back of some new archaeological work and restoration that is hard to justify. Who knows..
Tomorrow we begin work.

Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Field Season is here

Hi everyone, the year has just flown by and my 2nd field season with the Pompeii Food and Drink Project has arrived. In a weeks time I will be on a flight to Italy and we have our first team meeting on Sunday June 20.

That first team meeting is important not only to give out and discuss the aims of the project this season but also to meet and get to know other team members. Although many of the principal staff remain the same and there are returning team members also, there will be a few new team members this season who have signed on for the chance to work behind the scenes in the ancient city. The team meeting also includes our OH&S briefing where the plan of evacuation will be outlined should Vesuvius decide to "go active" on us.

If you are one of my students reading this make sure you have joined the blog as a follower, I love to see your smiling avatar posted in the followers column. If you are just a curious passer by, follow the blog as well....I hope to have something both informative and entertaining here. For my students, log into the blog at least each Wednesday and Saturday for an activity based on my work here.

As well as a couple of activities each week for students studying the Vesuvian cities I aim to have a whole heap of information on here from this years season. The group will be working from the depths of Region I and II in the city and this season I know we will be working in at least two famous houses/ areas of the region; The Garden of the Fugitives and The House of Julia Felix. Can't wait. I will also be bringing you some up to date information from current excavation work in Herculaneum as HCP's lovely Sarah Court has arranged permits for some special access to the site.
For those interested in the current excavation and research activities in Pompeii of other teams I hope to be able to visit a couple of these while I am there. The Italian excavation work at the House of the Chaste Lovers has caused a bit of a stir so that will be one port of call for sure.

Finally, our downtime usually leads to further adventures within the city or out in other areas of the region. I have been trying to plan the weekend adventures in advance but like all good things, I think I will have more fun and adventure to share if we are spontaneous.

So look out for lots of photos, hopefully some video and for students some activities to help you revise for your HSC with up to date information and photographic sources. The field season reports will begin in just over a week.