Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tourism in Pompeii

New Initiatives to provide tourists with an experience in Pompeii have begun in 2010.
It's called PompeiiViva and looks magical.

Pompeii Viva - 2010 Events at the excavations of Pompeii

"Pompei Viva" is the claim for the 2010 program events of Pompeii ruins. It includes an intense schedule of cultural events, theatrical performances and a completely new way to live the city, started in February that will go on throughout the summer season.

The program offer a wide range of activities: “Live” archeological discoveries, multimedia tours, night walks, theme-based routes, special activities for children and kids, theatrical shows at the Teatro Grande and “The Archeoristorante”, a special restaurant where you can find the typical Campania foods and wines.

Activities already programmedFrom February 2010

•Pompeii’s first work site event: the house of Chaste lovers - One of the most beautiful houses (Domus) of the ancient city has been opened to the public.
•Concerts and Ballet from the San Carlo Theatre at the Auditorium.
From March 2010

•Multi-medial visit of the House of Giulio Polibio - One of the best known and most studied houses of Pompeii.
•Pompeii by bike.
•Easy Pompeii - the excavations have now been made accessible to everyone.
•Arts, crafts and professions.
•Pompeii for schools - educational exhibition “Pompeii - 24th August 79 a.D.”
From April 2010

•The Moons of Pompeii - the splendid archaeological site hosts The Moons of Pompeii: guided tours in a mysterious and magical atmosphere.
From May 2010

•Baby Pompeii: activities for families with children of pre-school age.
From June 2010

•The permanent illumination of the excavations - a permanent artistic light system will be the distinctive mark of Pompeii’s night life.
•Archeo- Restaurant - the flavours of the ancient world of Pompeii may be rediscovered at the Archaeo-restaurant situated in the splendid Casina dell’Aquila.
From June to September 2010

•Pompeii returns to the stage: the summer season at the great Theatre - after 15 months of work, the Great Theatre of Pompeii will return to its original splendor