Sunday, July 4, 2010

Field Journal Week One Pre-amble

Hi all.
After sitting here trying to overcome poor internet connection and 30+ degree heat I have decided that apart from posting various discussion starters or activities I will also post a more detailed journal of both week 1 and week 2's activities. In that I will include the discussion starters etc for those students and teachers following the blog. I will also include my "Ampitheatre" lecture given to the Pompeii Food and Drink team on site last Friday (now I have to put my notes together in some sort of order). My other hassle is trying to convert photos taken in RAW to JPG to place in here.
The weather in Pompeii so far has been interesting. Week 1 was rather mild and cool for Pompeii at this time of year and a dip in the hotel pool was quite chilly for a few days. However week 2 changed all that and the usual 30+ degree temperatures have come back with a vengeance making work hot and sticky from the early morning outset.
Again I load up each morning with sunscrean and plenty of water, a major necessity on an archaeological project in hot conditions. I already can tell that week 3 will continue with the hot temperatures.
The team has been a little unsettled this season with many changes of volunteer team members who are here for one week or two rather than the full 3 week season. This has allowed for interaction with more people and that is great although orientating them for work has been tougher. I guess on the upside was the fact that I was asked to take a staff position in week 1 of the season. I hope to have a chance to lead part of the team again in the future, as it felt good to have been given more responsibility within the project and the thought that the Project directors, in particular Dr Betty Jo Mayeske, had confidence to ask me was wonderful.
As I write this introduction for this field season we are getting ready for new team arrivals ahead of our team meetings this afternoon that begin the 3rd and final week here. Lunch will again no doubt be at the Little Paradise within the scavi gates...they have nice panini and refreshing granita's. Time for lunch and a swim and I will begin posting the Week 1 journal this afternoon.