Friday, April 22, 2011

Slow Start to 2011

Hi everyone,

sorry about the slow start to 2011. Seems there has been a lot going on and I have finally sorted a bunch of stuff out so I can resume blogging my adventures in Ancient History and Archaeology.
2011 has not been a quiet year in the field so I have a lot of news, at least the most recent stuff, to catch you up on. Some most recent stuff about Pompeii and Herculaneum.

It's now only 8 weeks till work begins for me in the field with Pompeii Food and Drink and I am as excited as ever. Many of the team of volunteers from last year are coming back along with some new faces so I know we are going to have a blast. It is the only job you can do where the work is as much fun as the down time.

I am planning some new things this year including a podcast for Ancient History and Archaeology geeks like us and possibly an Ancient History expo towards the end of the year. The podcast will help me bring to you some of the most wonderful people who work in the field (particularly in Pompeii) and allow both teachers and archaologists to discuss the ins and outs of new discoveries, happenings and issues and also things that affect you, Ancient History students and enthusiasts, many of whom are completing studies in the discipline.

I am also begining to be invited to various schools to give presentations on Pompeii and my experiences there and work in the field as a member of the Pompeii Food and Drink team. Happy to attend any school to do this as long as you contact my Principal to arrange it.

At present, most of my Pompeii field work photos are in albums on my personal Facebook page. I will investigate starting up a Rob Brown Archaeologist Facebook page so that I can post the field work and appropriate pictures there. It will also provide a forum for comments and discussion as well as questions you may like answered for your studies.

Finally I am hoping to gain more experience excavation a little closer to home. I have made representations to the local council to begin an archaeological excavation on a small scale at a local colonial property close to home and school. It will allow me to not only develop my experience in excavation techniques but allow me to teach my students in the field not just out of texts with regards to archaeology. As red tape slowly gets processed and hoops are jumped through I'll cross fingers this eventuates. Some test survey work on the site was very productive with both brickwork and ceramic finds.

Anyway, I'll begin reposting news and information shortly.