Monday, July 6, 2009

Field Update July 6, 2009

Hi all,
well the internet has been unavailable for the last couple of days but here I am again. The last few days have been interesting. We did the Herculaneum visit late last week and I will be posting some amazing photos of the Suburban Baths as well as the Theatre and Bassilica.
Friday was a short day in the scavi again due to the custodians needing to do Friday lunch and lock up those houses we were in.
The weekend was great. Maybe lounging around the pool would have been the order of the weekend however as intrepid explorers we decided on a more adventurous weekend. Saturday saw 8 of us climb to the crater of Mount Vesuvius. This was not the easiest of tasks but a lot of fun and the final reward of looking into the crater made it worthwhile. Sunday was spent in Sorrento immersing ourselves in local culture and doing that souvenier shopping.
Back at the Scavi again today and it was the hottest day out there yet. Archaeology in 30+ degree temperatures is not exactly the most enjoyable. We rotated team assignments and I am now on the measuring and drawing team. As the job descriptions suggest I am responsible for measuring the features of each room we research and mapping them. I also had a chance to be working in some closed areas of Region 8 today separate from our research in Region 1 and made a few amazing discoveries including some human remains. Hard to actually describe the feeling of coming across the remains of someone. I will post a picture or two of what I found over the next day or two, in a section dealing with ethics.

Until next time.