Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fieldwork Update July 15

Hello everyone,
well fieldwork for this season is over in Pompeii. It was a wonderful two weeks working in the ancient city as part of an important archaeological and historical research project. I would have liked to have posted more from the city however, internet is not quite as reliable as it is here at home. I will post more information about my work and field experience in the next week or so and also post a few more activities and discussion starters using some of the sources I saw and/or worked on over the summer.
I will also be adding some information about other excavations and sites around the Vesuvian region and a few things about the city of Rome.
There are also a few more articles of interest I will post including information from field reports from some of the current projects happening in Pompeii and the region.
Also coming up will be a review of the "A Day in Pompeii" exhibition in Melbourne, after my students and I have been to visit in August.